M I S S I O N  

At Morakhia,
the belief is that quality is not just confirmance to specifications but satisfaction of the customer in all respects of production and service. To make this the basis of quality assurance, meticulous care is taken at every stage from manufacture to despatch of orders.

It is of little surprise then, that Morakhia caters to a loyal band of customers, while simultaneously adding to the strength.




The manufacturing facilities of Morakhia are spread over a vast area in the country, allowing not only for good capability but also for expansion of infrastructure.

The works are located at Chhatral near Ahmedabad. The unit is fully equipped with advanced machinery to produce state-of-the-art products. Besides confirming to international standards of ISS, ASTM, BSS and DIN, the products are tested in a laboratory within the works. They are further inspected by independent scrutiny agencies before they are certified and approved.

Attended to, by a team of qualified and experienced technical personnel, the unit is committed to continous improvement in quality through adoption of improved techniques of production.