T E C H N I C A L   D A T A  

A Publication Of Copper Development Association, inc.

Table A - Copper Tube- types, standards,
applications, tempers, lengths

Table B - Dimensions and characteristics
of copper tube

  • B1 - Type K
    B2 - Type L
    B3- Type M
    B4 - DWV
    B5 - ACR Tube for air conditioning and refrigeration field service
    B6 - Medical Gas, K and L
    B7 - Type G for natural gas and propane
    fuel distribution

TableC - Rated internal working pressure for
copper tube

  • C1 - Type K
    C2 - Type L
    C3 - Type M
    C4 - DMVs
    C5 - ACR

TableD - Pressure loss due to friction in type M copper tube

Table E - Pressure loss in fittings and valves expressed as equivalent lengths of tube

Table F - Pressure-temperature ratings for copper tube joints

Table G - Actual burst pressure, type K, L, and M copper water tube, psi at room temperature

Table H- Radii of coiled expansion loops and developed lengths of expansion offsets

Table I - Dimensions of solder joints ends for wrought and cast fittings

Table J - Solder requirements for solder-joint pressure fittings

Table K - Typical brazing filler metal consumption

Table L - Filler metals for brazing